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Firework season arrives with a bang!

Diwali celebrations during October mark the arrival of the annual fireworks season quickly followed by Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas. Firework season is a time for celebration and should always be enjoyed, but whilst injury is a primary concern during this period, the potential for damage to property and business operations, as a consequence of fireworks is a serious concern.

Written by Paul Brown on 25th September 2019

Firework season arrives with a bang!

All types of buildings whether commercial, industrial or residential are at risk from firework damage but, as business premises are likely to be unoccupied at the time of a loss and as any damage to the buildings is likely to result in closure and a resulting loss of profit, the threat to the business community can be significant.

Risk Reduction

Implementing these five precautions in your business will reduce your risk exposure to firework damage due to accident, or targeted anti-social behaviour:

1. Lock and Secure Premises

Ensure that all areas of the premises are made secure at the end of the working day. Close and lock doors, windows, skylights and other possible means of entry through which fireworks could be introduced.

2. Store Dangerous Materials Safely

Combustible materials stored in the open, including timber pallets and plastic crates, should be kept to a minimum and situated a suitable distance away from buildings. Flammable liquids and gases should also be confined to their designated storage facilities.


3. Clear Rubbish

Take special care to ensure that all yards and open areas near to premises are clear of accumulated rubbish and that waste bins are secured and appropriately located at least 10 metres away from buildings.

4. Reduce Outdoor Risk

Cutting back and removing vegetation surrounding your buildings can also help to prevent the spread of a fire, particularly for businesses located in more rural areas.

5. Protect Against Anti-Social Behaviour

Consideration should be given, in all areas where the risk of anti-social behaviour is regarded as high, for example, consider protecting letter boxes internally with proprietary metal containers, designed to contain fires from lighted materials such as fireworks.

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