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Online Reputation Security

For centuries Insurance has helped protect businesses and organisations from loss, or damage, to assets, income and liabilities. However, one priceless asset, that of a hard won reputation has never been so exposed and so difficult to protect as it is right now.

Written by Paul Brown on 28th August 2019

Online Reputation Security

Reputational threats, or attacks from employees, ex-employees, malicious competitors and disgruntled customers can have unseen consequences that can be detrimental and can result in loss in customer confidence, loss of revenue and loss of shareholder value. In this increasingly digital world, where businesses and their brands exist in a virtual place, the threat is growing rapidly.

What is the size of this risk exposure?

      • 3.5 billion people use the internet every day.
      • There are 1 billion websites in the world.
      • Facebook has 2 billion active users.
      • Instagram has 700 million users.
      • Twitter has 328 million users.
      • Apple has sold 1.2 billion iPhones.

Online posts, videos and pictures can present serious risks and it only takes one to damage your business.




Help is at Hand

A relatively new risk management product has been launched providing online risk analysis using the latest technology designed to help detect, identify and mitigate online reputational risks and provide a robust reputation protection and reputation management solution.

Threats to online reputation can arise at any time, night or day and with 24/7 monitoring of all data a specialist provider, who understands what a risk looks like, whether fake, untrue or malicious, how it might develop and the appropriate response can help to protect your online presence. If the threat can be caught quickly a rapid and appropriate response could prevent and or help repair reputational damage.

Customers can be provided with quick, targeted and effective mitigation if the platform’s rules, or T&Cs, have been breached, or legal boundaries have been broken, they are able to remove adverse comments and lessen the harm. 

Two levels of cover are available.  For those who only require their Twitter and Facebook pages to be monitored there is a set price.  For businesses requiring a wider search using keywords for mainstream media, websites, blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook etc. there is a larger set price and within this data limits apply.  

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