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Insuring in the USA, what's the big deal?

As UK companies consider the need to look beyond traditional markets, for their products and services, they also need to ensure that they comply with local insurance and tax regulations and protect their balance sheets from additional exposures.

Why are insurance claims costs increasing and does this affect me?

Many factors can contribute to driving up the cost of claims and insurance policyholders need to be aware that, in turn, this could lead to higher premiums. Claims inflation can affect many types of insurance including motor, property, liability, plant and construction.

Terrorism Insurance cover evolves to meet changing risks

Attacks at Manchester Arena and London Bridge demonstrated a gap in the cover provided by terrorism insurance policies.

Help at hand for under fire landlords

The Government has announced new plans to prevent private landlords from evicting tenants without a "concrete, evidenced reason already specified in law" in order to bring tenancies to an end.

How to avoid the most common cause of workplace injury

Health & Safety Executive (HSE) statistics confirm that in 2018 slips, trips or falls accounted for over 30% of non-fatal workplace injuries and over 20% of non-fatal workplace injuries that resulted in a more than seven day employee absence.

Making the case for sprinkler protection

There is clear evidence that sprinklers are a valuable business risk reduction feature that can quickly extinguish a fire and help prevent it from spreading. A properly installed sprinkler system will detect the fire’s heat, initiate an alarm, and activate just moments after the flames appear.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

In 2018, the review by Lloyds of London sent ripples through the Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) market. The review confirmed that UK PII has been unprofitable, for most insurers, for many years, making it the second least profitable class at Lloyds. As a result, Lloyds issued an ultimatum to all syndicates that underwrite PII that they need to put their house in order and put in place an action plan for loss-making PII portfolios to return to a sustainable profit.

Dishing the dirt on pollution

The Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) came into force across the EU in 2004 establishing the framework for environmental liability based on the principle that the polluter - pays and is required to make good the environmental damage they have caused, whether deliberate, or accidental.  

Water, Water Everywhere!

It is estimated that one in five claims made on home buildings and contents insurance policies are for damage caused by water leaks.  Whilst insurers will be breathing a sigh of relief that the frozen pipe season is over for another year, they remain acutely aware that leaking washing machines, dishwashers, baths, showers and storage tanks represent constant threats throughout the year.

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) announces important news on raised control standards for welding fumes

There is new scientific evidence from the International Agency for Research on Cancer that exposure to mild steel welding fumes can cause lung cancer and possibly kidney cancer in humans. 

Franklands host breakfast seminar on managing and responding to Cyber risks

The Government’s 2019 Cyber Security Breaches Survey* reveals that 32% of businesses have identified breaches or attacks and that 78% of businesses now rate cyber security as a high priority. However, they often struggle to identify effective solutions to protect, manage and mitigate cyber risk.

Fatal crash illustrates the need to respond to risk management information

A failure to act on the information provided by modern risk management tools has resulted in a fine of £2.3 million for bus company, Midland Red (South), part of Stagecoach.

It pays to have Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance is developing into an important line of cover for modern businesses of all types and sizes.  It is an evolving product and the number of insurers offering this cover continues to increase. Unsurprisingly the scope of cover offered by these insurers varies widely leading to some press comment that cyber policies are not fit for purpose and that cyber insurance claims are not getting paid. 
At Franklands Insurance & Risk Management we continue to review the Cyber Liability Insurance offerings currently available and will help address these misconceptions.

Fire stricken ship demonstrates the practical value of Marine Insurance

News that General Average has been declared on the container ship APL Vancouver which caught fire on 31st January, with approximately 4,500 containers on board, is a timely reminder to discuss the implications of this age old principle of maritime law.  

Brexit contingency planning may increase risk exposure

Critical information, analytics and solution providers, IHS Markit has reported that UK manufacturers are stockpiling raw materials ahead of the UK's scheduled departure from the EU. 


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