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Innovation is alive and well in the East Midlands

Life Science Innovation is recognised as key to the UK’s economic growth. As a traditional service lead industry Franklands always look forward to the Medilink East Midlands annual Innovation Day to celebrate Life Science development in the East Midlands. This year the day didn’t disappoint.

The Insurance Act 2015 - beware the trip wires

The Glorious Twelfth this year will see the introduction of the greatest change to insurance contract law in this country in over 100 years. 12th August 2016 is the date when the Insurance Act 2015 amends the Marine Insurance Act 1906 and imposes significant new obligations on buyers of business insurance.

George Hardy celebrates graduating at the CII’s Great Hall

We are delighted to announce that Franklands’ first young apprentice has graduated from the Brokerbility Academy. George Hardy has just celebrated passing the Chartered Insurance Institute Accredited Brokerbility Academy Apprenticeship in a graduation ceremony held at the Great Hall of the CII in London, on 27 May 2016. George was one of 17 young apprentices to receive their qualification as part of the first Brokerbility Academy Programme.

Franklands opens new Burton office

After spotting a gap in Burton for the availability of business insurance advice provided by a Chartered Insurance Broker and being community-minded we wanted to announce our arrival on Centrum 100 by showing our support for Burton.

UK technology business slideshow: 5 essential professional indemnity facts

Discover why UK technology businesses should take their professional indemnity insurance policy more seriously by viewing our Powerpoint Presentation below.

The presentation features information on 5 areas of professional indemnity including:

Cracking the Cancer Code

Can you imagine a time when cancer treatments could be personalised to speed up recovery and improve survival rates? This was the scenario described at a recent MediCity fund-raising event for the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre based in Nottingham. It would seem that the time is nearer than we might dare to believe. A team of 35 international scientists under the direction of Professor Bob Rees at Nottingham Trent University is pushing the boundaries of cancer research even further The Centre’s research programmes in personalised medical treatment, diagnosis and immunotherapy aim to change the lives of cancer patients for ever.

Take < ctrl > over cyber attacks

The risk of cyber threats is greater than ever before and barely a day goes by without the media reporting another attack on a major company. What gets less media attention are similar attacks on SME businesses and yet a recent survey reported that 74% of SME's had experienced an IT security breach.

Dr Ruth McKearnan on plans to spot the gazelles on the business horizon

Where do we find more entrepreneurs with ambition, who are not scared of taking risks and have a long view of business growth? It’s a regular question asked by Dr Ruth McKearnan, chief executive of the government body Innovate UK, and a woman on a mission. If this award-winning bio scientist is allowed the freedom to apply innovation to scale up small to medium enterprises, then it will be a refreshing alternative to the stop-start of previous government business support interventions.

Antimicrobial resistance – does the Davos Declaration impact me?

If you were coughing your way through early January in the vain hope that a short course of antibiotics will do the trick, think again. It’s now widely recognised that we have over-indulged on the quick-fix antibiotic, and inadvertently contributed to the alarming rise in antimicrobial resistance. Lemon and honey with a few days in bed might be the better prescription, unless of course things take a definitive turn for the worst.

How safe is your innovation?

It has to be the stuff of nightmares. Years of laborious lab work, scientific papers and funding rounds to get your innovation into the marketplace, when the phone rings. A lawyer representing another company wishes to discuss a possible infringement of patent. Can you make yourself available for a meeting next week? You replace the receiver. Your heart starts to thump and your mind races.

Gone Phishing?

With the advent of the internet, e-commerce and increased reliance on technology most businesses, including our own, are now targeted on a seemingly daily basis by external fraudsters.

Most of us will shy away from the media. It’s not so much the startling headlines and sensational reporting that puts us off, but the fact we simply don’t understand how the media industry works, and whether we should work with it anyway. As bio-scientists and med tech innovators, how can we avoid our research into a potential cure or launch of a new medical devise becoming hijacked for that sensational headline? Could adverse news coverage damage our reputation and impact commercially; and if we do speak to the media, how might adverse publicity affect our insurance cover?

“To err is human” according to the old adage. People make mistakes that have no cause other than human imperfection. But when it comes to mistakes made by medical device users, the consequences can literally be fatal. In 2013, 13,642 ‘adverse incidents’ were reported to the MHRA, the regulatory agency for the industry; investigations reveal that only 20% of errors are due to mechanical failure – 80% are caused by human error (Institute of Medicines 2000 & Perrow, 1984).

Institute Study confirms Chartered Insurance Brokers offer a better service

The latest study by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) has again concluded that SME customers rated the quality and suitability of Chartered firms’ cover higher than that of non-Chartered firms. Value, service and information were also measured either equal or marginally superior for Chartered firms against non-Chartered firms.


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